Hark! I am 40 summers young, a lad oft with radical musings and more oft adrift 'twixt my labours for Sumisho Global Logistics and the noble Japanese art martial under the banner of Czech Kendo Federation.

A fervent admirer of the Tatra Mountains, Polska, the verdant brews of Nippon's tea and the darkest of chocolates. A devout catholic in our blessed parish, randomly attending the Sunday mass with steadfast devotion.

The Journey of the Web Shepherd

In my quest to become a full-stack developer, I strive to expand my skills and knowledge. I am particularly skilled in database management, from the robust capabilities of SQL Server to the agility of SQLite.

last updated web projects

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České Federace Kendо̄
update: 14.04.2024

…japonské bojové umění v srdci Evropy
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farnost u katedrály
update: 14.04.2024

...v srdci města, spojeni vírou...